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Short introduction

Peter Maffay is a German singer, music producer and guitarist.

Earlier life

Peter Maffay was brought into the world in Romania, the child of a mother from Transylvania and a Hungarian German dad.

At the point when Maffay was 14, the family emigrated to Germany. As a youngster he was keen on music and figured out how to play the violin. His first band "The Beat Boys", later renamed "The Dukes", was established by Peter Maffay in 1964. The band played cover tunes and acted in the neighborhood eatery "Weißer Hirsch". Around then Maffay went about as a guitarist, he didn't sing until some other time. During his school years, Maffay changed from middle school to secondary school. After he was not moved for the subsequent time, he needed to leave school in 1968. Maffay then, at that point, finished an apprenticeship as a substance chart. This year (1968) Maffay established the society beat pair "Peter and Margit" with his previous classmate Margit. In this group of stars he likewise showed up as a vocalist interestingly. Likewise with Maffay's previous band, the pair additionally sang cover melodies. The two artists sang the tunes in different dialects, including German, English, French, Hungarian and Russian.


The German lyricist Michael Kunze became mindful of Maffay in 1969. A brief time frame later, in January 1970, Maffay delivered his first single "Du", which Kunze had created. After two months, Maffay showed up on the famous music show "ZDF-Hitparade". This appearance spread the word about the artist all through Germany. Before long Maffay had the option to additionally extend his vocation and played nation and rock'n'roll tunes and melodies. Toward the finish of the 1970s, his melodic style changed from country to German stone. Notwithstanding this kind, Maffay made the fantasy character "Tabaluga" along with different friends during the 80s. Before long, a melodic and an enlivened series were made around this figure. In 2015 the keep going collection "Tabaluga – Long live companionship" was delivered. 

Career highlights

His previously hit "Du" was a gigantic accomplishment for Maffay, who made ready for his extraordinary profession. In 1970 the tune was the greatest German-language melody hit of the year. Maffay's single has been sold over multiple times. The hit was likewise positioned in the high outlines in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium and Austria. In 1979 he again made a colossal progress with his collection "Steppenwolf", which sold 1.6 million duplicates. With the following collection "Revanche", particularly the melody "You need to stroll across seven scaffolds", the business record was broken indeed: The collection sold 2.1 million duplicates. The record "Tattoos", which he recorded over the span of his 40th commemoration on the stage, proceeded with the achievement. The collection, which contained for the most part its greatest hits, arrived at number 1 on the outlines. Maffay had the option to accomplish this situation for the fourteenth time, making him the record holder in Germany. 

Amazing facts

Peter Maffay is strategically and socially dedicated, for instance he is focused on the harmony development and gives to different establishments. He got many honors for his responsibility, including the Federal Cross of Merit (1996) and the 2006 World Vision Charity Award. Maffay is likewise the benefactor of the Tabaluga Foundation and minister of the "German José Carreras Leukemia Foundation". He likewise upholds the "Amadeu Antonio Foundation", which neutralizes prejudice and for more resilience. In three movies, the performer likewise went about as an entertainer: In "The Joker" (1986), 1999 in "Detainee in Yemen" and "The Polar Bear", Maffay had the option to persuade with his acting.

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