Valerie Harper Net Worth 2023

 Before this time she was told she only had a many months to live and now the time is nearly over. Valerie Harper is a fighter and a idol to millions of people affected by Cancer. With her new stint on Dancing With The Stars season 17 she's a shoe in to come the addict fave. Harper has been in the acting business for over 6 decades and still going strong. With 63 pictures and television series under her belt her net worth is at$ 15 million.  

 Her sense of humor and relateable personality has made Valerie Harper one of the most sweet television personalities. She was born in 1939 in Suffern New York. As a child it was dancing that caught her attention. Valerie manifested her dancing capacities with the fraternity de ballet at Radio City Hall in the 1950’s. Her career as an imitator developed as she starred in Broadway plays and began acting in small TV places. But her debut on the Mary Tyler Moore show gave her the ultimate career boost. She was married to Richard Schaal an actor who had a guest part on the Dick Van Dyke show. Valerie was on the set while her hubby mugged and met Mary Tyler Moore. The two developed a fellowship which lead to Mary prevailing directors to cast Valerie Harper in her spin off. Her character Rhoda was known for her uproarious quotations and wit. Mary Tyler Moore lasted for seven seasons and came an American Classic. Th show created a spin off for Valerie Harper’s character Rhoda. The show lasted for four seasons.   After Rhoda went off the air Valerie Harper was still had an amazing character in Hollywood which lead to the morning of her movie career. Her point flicks include Chapter Two (1979), Freebie and the Bean (1974) and The Last Wedded Couple in America (1980). She returned to TV in the late 80’s series Valerie. But after being absent during one day of rephotographing Harper was fired and replaced. The show was latterly named Valerie’s Family. As a result Harper sued NBC for breach of contract which ended with a$1.4 million agreement plus12.5 of the show’s gains. 

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