Success in business: 10 determining factors to obtain it

Brian Tracy: A Success Story

Recently, I received a newsletter from Brian Tracy, a renowned motivator in the world of success, and an unwavering source of inspiration for me. I've been following his journey for three decades, ever since I enrolled in his "Peak Performance Training" course in Montreal back in 1989. That transformative experience motivated me to leave my well-paying job and pursue my passion in the world of business.

Naturally, I'm a staunch admirer of Brian Tracy. I wholeheartedly recommend his books, conferences, and audiobooks, which you can also find on iTunes. His teachings have had a profound impact on my life. Today, I'm excited to share with you the insights I've gleaned from his newsletter, specifically the ten key determinants of business success.

Success in business

The 10 Keys to Business Success

  • 1. Purpose Beyond Profit

What is the true purpose of your business? If you answered "making a profit," you're missing the mark. A company's raison d'ĂȘtre primarily revolves around meeting customer needs. Without customers, there is no salvation.

According to Mr. Tracy, allocating 50% of your time, effort, and resources to expanding your customer base and fostering their loyalty is crucial.

  • 2. Customer Satisfaction: The Growth Engine

Your ability to satisfy customers to the extent that they demand your products, return for more, refer you to friends, and become your loyal advocates is a pivotal factor in business growth and profitability.

  • 3. Making a Difference

Reflect daily on innovative ways to enhance your customer's experience and add value to their lives.

  • 4. A Customer-Centric Approach

Always view situations through the lens of the customer. Your customers are the lifeblood of your business, and putting them at the forefront of every decision is paramount.

  • 5. Contributing to Others' Success

The more you assist people in achieving their goals, the more successful your business will be. It's a direct correlation. Be willing to extend your support, whether it's to your customers, in your community, or within your business.

  • 6. Continuous Improvement

In today's fast-paced business environment, competition is relentless. To thrive, you must continuously enhance all aspects of your business and personal life. As basketball coach Pat Riley wisely said, "If you're not moving forward, you're going backward."

  • 7. "Always Sell More!"

A study by Dun & Bradstreet, a credit assessment firm, found that the primary reason for business failure is weak sales. Sales volume is undeniably the top determinant of business success.

  • 8. Diversify Your Income Sources

Money is the lifeblood of business success. It's equivalent to air and blood for the brain. Selling in abundance is essential, but doing so at a loss with inadequate financial resources can lead to business failure. Maintain a healthy working capital as a safety net.

  • 9. A Sound Growth Plan

Every business should have a growth plan at its core, updated regularly. The most crucial figure in your growth plan is the one at the bottom of your financial statement: profit (income minus expenses). It's the key to reinvestment, long-term growth, and the rewards for your hard work.

  • 10. Taking Action

Your success plan should outline the number of potential customers to attract and convert into loyal patrons. Without such a plan, you risk stagnation or even regression. Remember, growth is no accident; your plan is the roadmap to a bright future!


In the world of business, success is not a random occurrence. It's the result of strategic decisions and a relentless focus on customers and growth. By embracing the ten keys to business success as outlined by Brian Tracy, you can chart a path to triumph that will set your business apart.


What inspired you to follow Brian Tracy's teachings?

I've been following Brian Tracy for 30 years, ever since I attended his "Peak Performance Training" course, which inspired me to pursue my passion in business.

Why is customer satisfaction crucial for business growth?

Satisfying customers to the point where they become loyal advocates is a significant factor in achieving business growth and profitability.

How can businesses ensure continuous improvement?

To keep up with the ever-changing business landscape, it's essential to constantly enhance all aspects of your business and personal life.

Why is diversifying income sources important for business success?

Diversifying income sources helps ensure financial stability and prevents business failure in case of losses in one area.

What role does a sound growth plan play in business success?

A well-thought-out growth plan, with a focus on profit, is vital for business success. It guides reinvestment, long-term growth, and rewards for your efforts.

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